Majestic Colonial Wedding in the Dominican Republic

Majestic Colonial. Wedding in the Dominican Republic.

Stephanie and Coby

I have be dying to share images from this wedding ever since I finished shooting it a few short weeks ago! There was something so magical about the entire day. I was overjoyed with the lighting, the festive decor and all of the details in the Majestic Elegance hotel wedding celebration in Dominican republic.

I got lucky to have a chance to capture a wedding day of Stephanie and Coby, couple from the USA. At the moment they live with their fur baby Whitney in Brooklyn, NY. Stephanie and Coby were both attending NYU Wagner when they met. They had their first date on March 29, 2014 at Mama Juana, a Dominican restaurant in Washington Heights. They have been together ever since.They enjoy eating, traveling, and having deep conversations about social justice. They contacted me because they just loved my portfolio and the communication was so heartwarming so they shared all the stories with me.

They had chosen the Dominican Republic for the celebration because Stephanie had her roots and family here and it’s just a perfect place to celebrate such an important date. For the wedding venue they have chosen the Majestic Resort Punta Cana that has a very good rate and service, which is very important if you bring a lot of people from another country. 

Stephanie had chosen a beautiful classic dress decorated with a hand-made embroidery and lace. This couple appreciated aesthetic and art so one of the service they’ve asked for was the live event painting. Frankly, this wedding was unforgettable for me because of many reasons: Stephanie’s perfect planning and attention to every detail, party time under the rain where I captured the authentic atmosphere for my portfolio.

Punta Cana is such a magical place to get married in. There are so many different venues and settings to meet any couple’s specific taste and preference! From the beach to the mountains and rustic fields, Dominican Republic is a dream country to get hitched in!

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