ARTHUR and NATALIA. Samana, Dominican Republic

Outdoor weddings make for a wonderful combination. Toss in a handsome bride and groom along with a killer venue and you’ve definitely caught my attention! As I’ve mentioned before, Villa Samana is one of my favorite Samana wedding venues for so many different reasons.

 First, everything is outdoors which means my natural light wedding photographer self is extra happy all day long! Second, the venue is huge. And lastly, it’s tucked away along the outskirts of Las Galeras so it’s close enough to the city but still a little bit of a drive. So if you’re planning a wedding in the Samana area definitely consider Villa Samana! 

 Artur and Natalia big day was beautiful and relaxed filled with family and friends. They were married underneath a grove of trees at sunset and celebrated all night long with dancing, eating and a festive photo booth! Congratulations you two! 

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