Love is not cancelled

Here is just a couple of ideas that can help you go through hard times of planning

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2020 showed us that not everything is closed or cancelled. Kindness is not cancelled, taking care of another one is not cancelled, love is not cancelled and neither is planning! Thousands of couples faced the COVID-19 restrictions where some of them had to postpone the Day for the next year, another had to find a way to improvise. 

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Here are some tips that will help you with planning your wedding

1. Postpone. “The Knot” created a Rescheduler tool to make rebooking, picking a new date and coordinating with their vendors super easy.

2. Get legally hitched now and celebrate later. If you want to become legal Mr& Mrs sooner rather than later, host a socially-distanced meeting with your family now and start planning a huge celebration for the next 2 years.

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Любовь некогда не отменить

3. Celebrate your wedding ONLINE! There are so many apps for a live streaming such as @eventpro! Easy-breezy to download and install to all the friends and family. 

Любовь некогда не отменить

4. Send the invitation to a streaming with mini bouquet or a kit with your favorite drink to the ones who cannot attend your event. There are so many services for that!

5. Get yourself a painting. Share your favorite photos with @livepaintingbymarina and receive custom acrylic-on-canvas masterpiece from any part of the world. 

Любовь некогда не отменить

Here is just a couple of ideas that can help you go through hard times of planning. Remember, that every night has its dawn and don’t forget to be kind to your beloved ones. Happy planning!

Любовь некогда не отменить