Live event painting in Punta Cana

Live event painting at Kukua restaurant. Punta Cana

Live event painting 

I’ve been working in a wedding industry for almost 10 years all over the world and never seen anything like that. Live Event Painting is a unique detail for truly special weddings. It has literally left me breathless. 

Live event painting in Punta Cana

I have so many professional  tools in my arsenal: drones, cameras, special lenses, but there was Marina standing with an easel, doing the same thing as me but with the acrylics and canvas. Marina Chernova is a russian artist based in Punta Cana. She is an extremely talented, outgoing and sociable person.

If you’d ever ask me why Live Event Painting  is so special I’ll immediately say THIS IS MUST HAVE. It’s not even about the painting, it is about the atmosphere. Live Event Artist is a heart point of the event. Everybody will talk about this years after your wedding. Marina paints as all your guests are watching the painting come alive. They can also leave their mark on canvas under her guidance.

Live event painting in Punta Cana

“I feel so blessed to have a chance to leave my feelings on canvas. It is something so intimate, I’ve left my input for a couple. I did some colour splashes for the very first time, but thanks to Marina they look like flowers, “- says the mother of the bride. Need I say how much fun when all the children are watching and talking to Marina?

Check the updating gallery and follow Marina’s instagram @livepaintingbymarina 

Every single painting is going through the painstaking process in the studio to have a final touch. Marina’s service and attitude is hands down the best for any event! If you have your wedding in the Dominican Republic, she is a brilliant person to make your celebration even more special.